• We create the unimaginable through the illusionary art of sound

  • We create the unimaginable through the illusionary art of sound

Our Remote Sound Menu

From broadcast TV series and animations, to games & online content, our global team can provide you with the following remote sound services.

Sound Design

With a collaborative team of sound designers across the world, working on both linear and interactive content, we have recorded, created, manipulated & mixed thousands of sound effects for broadcast, games, apps, online, media & even escape rooms! Every project is unique and tailored to your specifications. So to get the very best sound results, we allocate projects to various team members according to their strengths and weaknesses. That’s how we create the unimaginable through sound.

Final Mix

Our team of sound mixers at Sound of Giants have mixed hundreds of shows for broadcast & online media for both local and international markets. Meeting EBU standards and utilizing the latest software and plugins, we can bring your project to life…and on budget. Utilizing a global team, we allocate work according to the expertise and budget constraints required for your project.

Original Music

Have you ever tried watching a film or playing a game without music? Did you notice the lack of emotion and immersion you experienced? Music is the emotive heartbeat of any project that connects the viewer to the visuals. With our diverse team of composers across the globe, each with their strengths and weaknesses. From composing linear music for advertising agencies and networks, to adaptive / interactive music for games & apps, we allocate projects to our diverse team according to the required styles, expertise and budget for your projects. Sound is 50% of the experience after all.

Sound Editing & Restoration

With an extensive knowledge of location sound to audio post production, we know some noises are unavoidable under certain circumstances. From environmental wind, birds and hums, to annoying air conditioners, clicks, pops, hiss and background chatter, our world class expertise and noise reduction tools can bring your order back to its potential glory. From audiobooks and podcasts, to broadcast series and online content, our global team has diverse expertise that can provide your project with the necessary skills to polish your audio.

Dialogue Recording

Our talented and diverse global team of sound professionals have recorded hundreds of hours of voice for numerous projects ranging from broadcast series and adverts, to audiobooks and non-linear mediums. Going global means faster turnaround times, multilingual support, an array of specialist talent, and on budget.    

Field Recording

From quiet ambiances, to moving vehicles and on-set dialogue, our clients rely on us to capture original, real & high quality recordings for their needs. From TV series to custom sound effects, our sound professionals are always eager to get some fresh air once in a while.

Sound Supervisors

With a passion for sound, our team can help you bring your visuals to life. From tv series to game audio, we can help guide your sound in the right direction. Just consider us as an extension of your team as we work side by side to create the best audio experience for your project. 

Game Audio Integration

Having the sounds for your game is only half the battle. With integration  tools such as FMOD, WWise, Unity, Unreal, our sound professionals can provide game audio implementation services to complete your project and bring it to life!

Private Tutoring

Sound of Giants is extending its knowledge of audio, through online tutoring, to anyone in need. Our current online session focuses on ” Audio editing and mixing for television & media” utilizing Pro Tools and Izotope RX suite. You can purchase our one-on-one tutoring session from our Upskill Shop.


We are a collaborative sound team with talented members across the world, allowing clients to tap into our unique service features and benefits tailored for their projects.





So why choose us?

Turnaround Time

With a global team, we can provide you with a quicker turnaround time. Whether you need a mix during your day in your own timezone, or alternatively carried out while you’re asleep, and ready when you’re awake, we can fulfill those needs.

Broad Expertise

With a diverse team of composers, sound designers & final mix engineers, we know that one tool doesn’t always fit. So together as a team, you can utilize our best strengths from each team member… as a whole & complete service.


With the varied currencies across the world, this can be used to your advantage. If you have an amazing project on a tight budget, we can utilize lower currency rates in various countries while still accessing the best skills for your project

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