The Global Team

With our global collaborative approach, we can provide you with tailored sound services.

We are a remote collaborative sound team with talented members across the world.

/ United States
/ United Kingdom
/ South Africa
/ Australia

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So why choose us?

Turnaround Time

With a global team, we can provide you with quicker turnaround time. Whether you need a mix during your day in your own timezone, or alternatively carried out while you’re asleep and ready when you awake, we can fulfill those needs.

Broad Expertise

With a diverse team of composers, sound designers & final mix engineers, we know that one tool doesn’t always fit. So together as a team, you can utilize the best strengths from each team member as a whole & complete service.


With such varied currencies across the world, this can be used to your advantage. If you have an amazing project on a tight budget, we can utilize lower currency rates while still accessing the best skills for your project.

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